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About Us

Sound Chemistry®
is an audio production company and boutique record label.

We specialize in crafting unique original scores and soundscapes for film, television, and video games, and in songwriting and record production.

We believe that the best soundtracks are those that integrate music and sound design from their inception, in prosody with the content of the accompanied media.

We provide the talent and direction to deliver a world class aural experience with seamless integration of voice, exceptional original music composition, and comprehensive sound design. We also provide individual a la carte services to fill the needs of existing teams.

Audio Production Services

Complete audio production services for film, television, and video games.

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Audio Creative Direction & Design

  • Audio Direction
  • Dynamic Audio System Design
  • Audio Integration and Implementation
  • Re-recording Mixing and Game Mixing
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Music Production Services

  • Music Composition
  • Music Supervision
  • Songwriting
  • Music Production
  • Arranging & Orchestration
  • Recording
  • Music Editorial
  • Vocal Correction (tuning)
  • Mixing & Remixing
  • Music Implementation

Voice & Dialogue

  • Voice Casting
  • Voice Direction
  • Voiceover and ADR Recording
  • Editorial
  • Mixing
  • Dialogue Implementation
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Comprehensive Sound Design & Integration

  • Sound Design
  • Sound Effects Editorial
  • Foley Recording
  • Field Recording
  • Audio Editorial
  • De-noising
  • Audio Implementation

Boutique Record Label

We independently produce, collaborate, and release music that we believe in.

We write and produce our own music, engage in collaborations, and develop artists. We enjoy helping talented artists to realize their musical visions. We believe that artists should retain creative integrity and control the direction of their music and careers.


We have contributed to projects for a wide range of clients, including:

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